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Architectural Versatility

Our products are guaranteed 50 years, used in U or V groove type of assembly and on any type of interior or exterior surface.

Strong & Warp Resistant

Our panels are lightweight and provide outstanding rigidity and strength for lenghts up to 30 ft.

Lead Time

Being 100% made in Canada, we can deliver an optimal order completion fulfillment.


Far more than just siding, we see our products in a larger context, of authenticity: our panels offer the feel and look of real wood grain and brushed metallics.

ChamClad PVC Exterior Siding & Soffit

Our impact resistant, non-fading products provide quality architectural options for all types of building exterior applications, varying from residential to large scale commercial structures.

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Visit our colors page and identify a variety of options that will truly complement your design:
high-end wood grain, metallic, solid and anodized finishes.