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Barnboard Grey Soffit Project

Chamclad story has always been about innovation. In 2017 we began testing and certifying our products. We pioneered the idea of having all products made locally, with tighter Quality Control, shorter delivery times and better ordering accuracy.

Porch Installation


Simple and durable, our products offer the warm & cozy atmosphere that natural wood gives, combined with the durability to sunlight and comfort of long term warranty.

Venting Details


Our products can be easily drilled, at no extra charge, to provide attic headspace venting without changing the overall look of the entire installation

Light Fixtures


Our products are designed to provide an easy execution of any type of penetrations, such as light fixtures.

Other projects

Before & After SIDING

This St. Albert house obtained a new look and new life after a SIDING makeover.

Whitehouse SIDING & SOFFIT

White invigorates a house with its grand aptitude for statement design.


There is nothing basic about the feel for wood! Brown is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones.


Designers create amazing new house designs of different styles, with large entrances. Here are a few ideas for your next project.

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