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Project by Tailored Interior

Post, Beam & Column Wrap

Our innovative trimless 7” 2pc column wrap design feature results in clean lines and an overall modern and precise appearance. They are environmentally friendly and easy to install over any wood or steel post; are extremely durable, UV protected and scratch and grafitti resistant.

ChamClad®’s versatile 4”,6” & 12” architectural panels are designed for all types and sizes of decorative (non load-bearing) post, beam and column wrap applications. They add style and sophistication to any renovation, new construction or commercial project and are becoming increasingly popular as interior accents. The application of our panels will meet any of your specific design configurations and sizes providing unlimited flexibility. These low maintenance architectural panels offer sustainable and realistic wood solutions for today’s world.

Column wraps

Cellular trim

Cellular PVC

6.5′ & 13′

Other Post & Column options

Other beam options

Faux beam


2 uds. J-Trim/Finish Trim

PVC & Aluminum / PVC combinations
12′ & 20′

Universal 1 pz J-Trim

12′ & 20′

Remate de esquina exterior 2 uds.

PVC, Aluminum & Aluminum / PVC combinations
12′ & 20′

Tira de arranque

PVC & Aluminum
12′ & 20′

Embellecedor celular

Celluar PVC
6.5′ & 13′


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