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4″ Flexible Interior Panel

Craft captivating curved walls or barrel ceilings using ChamClad®’s Flexible Interior Wall and Ceiling Panels. Our scratch and grafitti resistant finishes are easy to clean making them an ideal choice for high traffic areas.

Our matte and texturized finishes will transform your design visions into reality and elevate the value and aesthetic appeal of any renovation, new construction, or commercial project! ChamClad®’s Flexible Interior Wall and Ceiling Panels provide low maintenance, sustainable and life like wood, stone and leather alternatives tailored to the demands of today’s world 

Material: Rigid PVC
Lengths: 12′ & 20′


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2pc 1.5″ J-Trim

12′ & 20′

Universal 2″ 2pc Outside Corner Trim

PVC, All Aluminum & Aluminum / PVC hybrid combinations
10′ & 20′

Column Cap or Base Trim

One Size

1pc Inside Corner Trim

10′ & 20′