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6″ Vented Soffit Panel

6” Soffit and Interior Panel – Solid Soffit and Flexible Solid or Vented Panels.

Compliment the look of your exterior with ChamClad® soffit! A clean finished look is key for any installation including grand entrances for your home, offices, overhangs, covered patios, commercial and multifamily use. Integral to the 6” soffit system is our vented panel which offers ease of installation along with the aesthetic advantage of a clean invisible finish. For moisture control, condensation prevention, and temperature regulation throughout the year, soffit should be properly vented. This helps to reduse the risk of mold mildew and rot which can lead to costly damage and health issues. Unique to ChamClad our 6” Solid Flexible panel is a great way to transform curved walls and barrel ceilings. These low maintenance architectural panels offer sustainable and realistic wood solutions for today’s world.

Material: Rigid PVC
Lengths: 12′, 16′ & 20′

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