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Building for Tomorrow: Embracing Sustainability with 100% Engineered Rigid PVC

Small Carbon Footprint

In today’s world, the construction industry is shifting towards a greener future. Not only do sustainable buildings help protect our planet, they can actually help reduce the cost of building operations over time. Eco-friendly building materials like bamboo, mycelium brick, precast concrete, mass timber, and wool insulation are taking the industry by storm, but one material has evolved to meet the sustainability and design needs of the industry – PVC Panels. Here are three ways ChamClad 100% Engineered Recycled Rigid PVC can add to your next project.

Not all plastics are made equally, and that goes for PVC. At ChamClad, we use 100% Engineered Recycled Rigid PVC. This means that to produce our PVC, we require very little energy. So little that recycled PVC has a carbon footprint smaller than cheese! 


By giving a second life to this PVC, we are keeping plastics out of landfills and helping to improve product durability. Our Engineered PVC is actually more durable than non-recycled PVC. That’s because our recycling process helps build stronger bonds within the material that improve it’s performance and resistance to weather and damages.


When you choose ChamClad siding as an interior or exterior application, not only are you making an eco-friendly choice, you’re investing in long term products as well.  

50-year warranty

Investing in your home or commercial building is an investment in the future. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 50-year warranty on our products. But what sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability even after those five decades. When it’s time for a facelift, our PVC products are 100% recycled without losing their integrity. This recycling process actually improves the durability of your siding. This ensures that your home not only lasts a lifetime but leaves a minimal footprint on the planet.


The unfortunate reality of climate change, amongst other changes in nature, is an increase in wildfires across the globe. With low emissions and non-combustible properties, building with 100% Engineered Recycled Rigid PVC brings peace of mind to building owners, especially during peak fire seasons. Unlike traditional materials that contribute to fire hazards, PVC offers a safer alternative alternative without compromising on durability or performance. 

where sustainability meets durabilty

At ChamClad we bring the best of both worlds with sustainable siding solutions built to last.

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