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4 Ways to Colour Coordinate Siding with Brick

Choosing a new colour palette can be challenging for home exteriors with brick and siding. To make it easier to achieve the ideal look, use these four techniques to colour-coordinate siding with brick and create cohesion between materials:

  1. Colour Match 
    Create a unified look by colour matching your brick and siding. Pull a colour from the brick and use it on the remainder of your home. Alternatively, paint the brick the same colour as the siding to blend the brick with the cladding. Repaint your exterior trim and window shutters to tie it all together. 
  2. Go Monochromatic
    Use a monochromatic colour scheme to subtly differentiate between materials. Choose colours one to two tones lighter or darker than the other to achieve this look. For example, use soft, warm and earthy tones, or go bold with light grey bricks and dark charcoal siding. 
  3. Use Neutral Colours
    Tone it down with a timeless neutral colour scheme that comprises crisp whites or warm beiges. Elevate a traditional brick and siding facade with ChamClad’s natural wooden accents. If you plan to sell soon, remember that neutral colours may be more appealing to homebuyers
  4. Add Contrast 
    Use eye-catching colours to make the brick and siding contrast against one another. Choose a bold-coloured siding that makes the brick stand out for striking contrast. Consider using complementary colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel such as red and green. Red brick can also contrast nicely against navy blue siding with white trim

Use the Gentek Visualizer to experiment with these techniques on your exterior and find the perfect brick and siding colour combination for your home.  

 Blog Credit: My Design Home Studio and Gentek Canada