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4 Ways to Use ChamClad Architectural Panels

ChamClad is a versatile and innovative Canadian-made product that can transform the architectural design of your home or cottage, inside and out. Use ChamClad wall and ceiling panels to add a modern touch to your home exterior and bring the warmth of wood inside your living space. Here are four ways to elevate your home with ChamClad:

1. Siding

ChamClad heavy-duty panels are maintenance-free, impact-resistant and non-fading, all of which are ideal for home exteriors. Panels are available in various woodgrain, metallic, solid and anodized finishes to suit your style. Choose a solid timber appearance or achieve a modern take on fine-line wood profiles with the Shadowline series. 

2. Soffit & External Ceiling Panels

Enhance your curb appeal and create a seamless transition from siding to soffit with the same colour and finish. ChamClad exterior ceiling and soffit panels can be solid or vented to improve attic airflow. Use ChamClad ceiling panels to modernize your outdoor entertaining area or covered balcony overhang. 

3. Interior Wall Paneling

Bring the beauty of wood inside your home with a ChamClad feature wall. Interior panels are impervious to moisture and bacterial growth and are suitable for any room, including the bathroom or kitchen. Pair ChamClad wall panelling with ceiling panels to extend the wood look throughout your home. 

4. Interior Ceiling Paneling

Take your interior design to the next level with ChamClad interior ceiling panels. Add interest to your ceiling with a solid natural wood-look finish or achieve a modern shiplap effect. Think outside the box and use ChamClad to add decorative faux wood beams to your living room or master bedroom. 

The design possibilities are endless with ChamClad architectural panels. Use the Gentek Visualizer to experiment with ChamClad products on your home exterior and add a contemporary touch today.

Blog Credit: My Design Home Studio and Gentek Canada.