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Benefits of using Heavy Gauge PVC Siding as opposed to Real Wood

This article is not intended to influence any homeowner’s opinion, but rather to inform. ChamClad® offers more than 20 texturized woodgrain finishes, such as Oak, Cedar, Pine, Redwood, and Walnut finishes.

ChamClad® is manufactured in Edmonton Alberta Canada; and is a lightweight product that is easy to work with and doesn’t require any special tools for install. ChamClad® finishes feature 3 protective layers. Our unique top layer is easy to clean and is highly resistant to salt air, humidity cycles, pollutants, graffiti, and construction foam. The middle layer of clear PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) protects pigments from UV radiation. The base layer utilizes solar shield Technology, with a heat-reflecting inorganic pigment strategy. Graffiti, construction foam and mortar are also easily removed.

Real wood is one of the many options available to homeowners who want to go green. It is readily available and can be installed quickly. It is ecologically friendly and never has to go into a landfill. Wood is easy to paint and can be stained or painted in practically any colour. Even though this is an obvious benefit of this style of siding, it is also one of its main disadvantages. To protect wood from the outdoors and insects, it must be treated. Wood will crack, distort, and rot if it is not painted or stained on a regular basis. Regular maintenance can be costly to a homeowner in terms of both time and money. In addition, a lack of maintenance could lead to damage from a range of wood-destroying insects such as termites and ants.

Alternatively, If you are searching for an exterior cladding product that is low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, LEED compliant, and Made-in-Canada, ChamClad® is a great option.
Heavy gauge PVC is highly resistant to water absorption, bacteria, mold, and insects. In addition, because of the protective film layers, rain will clear most dirt and debris from ChamClad® wall panels. Maintenance with ChamClad® panels in most instances is a simple cleaning with a hose and soft cloth or sponge.

Heavy gauge PVC is also difficult to ignite and will not continue to burn without a flame source. ChamClad® panels are CCMC Certified, have CAN/ULC S102 fire testing, and CAN/ULC S134 Large Scale fire testing – which allows ChamClad® panels to be used in non-combustible construction. Click here to view more of our testing.

ChamClad® panels can be recycled without the need for further treatment. For this reason, the panels are a great choice for durability and sustainability. Recycled heavy gauge PVC diverts waste from landfills and reduces energy consumption in the manufacturing process. ChamClad® panels are manufactured from recycled window-profiles, which is pre-consumer grade heavy gauge PVC and is contaminate-free. All panel materials are made and sourced in Canada; and custom lengths can also be ordered, resulting in less waste on the job site.

ChamClad® panels feature matte, texturized woodgrain finishes as well as a wide variety of solid and metallic finishes. The woodgrain patterns are very carefully selected when packaged, this panel selection process results in a natural and realistic woodgrain look. The technology behind our films has been used for more than 35 years in the exterior industry. ChamClad® finishes are created for the toughest environments around the globe.

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-Hayley DeMott Marketing and Inside Sales @ ChamClad