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High-End Timeless Look

Well, Tailored Interior has done just that with this classic black wood grain in low sheen ChamClad’s “Black Wood”. You too can achieve a stylish high-end timeless look!

Here the 4-inch panels have been run vertically in V-Groove style around the fireplace. Panels are also available in 6-inch. With quick and easy installation, tremendous value can be brought to any space in your home.

Our panels are manufactured in Alberta of a high-end PVC component that is very stable and strong. Panels are insect resistant and will not absorb water, making them ideal for many applications.

The best part ChamClad has One panel that can achieve two looks… yes that’s right you could have the V groove or the U-channel look with one panel. Our patent design is available in both wall and soffit.

ChamClad also offers multiple options for finishes from metallics to wood grains, with texture and matte finish these colours are very popular and trendy. One of the most realistic architectural panels on the market!

So next time don’t just think about ChamClad for the outside think about the inside the possibilities are endless feature walls, entranceways, bedrooms and more!

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Chameleon manufacturers ChamClad in Edmonton as we’ve been in business for over 12 years, we strive to offer great quality great service with short lead times.
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Great job again, Tailored Interior and Aness Handous for this amazing interior design!

Amber Gunderson,
President and CEO
Chameleon Wrapping & Lamination Inc.